In this case study video, we talked to Eddie Jude Hareven. Eddie is an entrepreneur and specializes in Conflict Management and Resolution services. Eddie needed to create a brand for her business and a better website to help her expand. We took Eddie through of discovery process, created a new brand and website for her. We also helped her with content, SEO and created a free download to help her generate more leads.

Here are some of the key highlights from the case study:

🚀 More confidence in herself to expand her business
🚀 The website makes people want to refer new clients to her as its much more professional
🚀 She now has a better understanding of who her customers are, what their pain point are and how to provide solutions to their problems
🚀 Loved discovery as it felt personable. No pressure. Very relaxed. Very Thorough
🚀 More requests for work vs inquiries to know what she does
🚀 The brand book was very helpful. Still using it today for social media posts and marketing 🙂
🚀 Learned a lot about her business, what she wanted to do, who her clients are, the market she in and her competitors
🚀 Stylescapes were fun and interesting process that brought clarity to how her brand should look and feel. She liked the different style options and the ability to pull from each one
🚀 Clarified and simplified her brand messaging toward her target audience. Making it very clear what she does and who she works with
🚀 Her mailing list has grown significantly since adding a free toolkit
🚀 It’s now easy for her clients to know what she does and what services are best suited for them
🚀 More confidence with her web presence and very proud of it
🚀 Increase in traffic to the web site
🚀 Increase in leads
🚀 Appreciated the fact that we got to know her and her business before working on her brand and website

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