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Stylescapes: what are they and why do we use them?

Stylescapes are a way of exploring your brand’s look and feel and can be a huge asset when designing your website.

Stylescapes are samples of how your brand can look and feel. In each stylescape you can show options for the colours, logo, photography, typography, icons and how page layouts might look.

Stylescapes are also based on your branding attributes, or the keywords that describe your business. For example: premium, calm, trustworthy, fun, empathetic.

When first designing your brand or website, the idea is to take these attributes and create 3 different stylescapes that each have a different tone: Something wild, something mild, something fun. [show quick samples]

[graphic overlay showing examples from stylescape to website]

Thrive Online uses styclescapes because it allows us to identify what designs and styles work and don’t work.

Each stylescape is designed to get a reaction out of you. We take that feedback and create a final stylescape that can be used as a starting point to develop your brand or website.

Stylescapes have become a big part of our design process and have really helped us in developing some incredible brands and websites.

Tip: Spend some time discovering your brand attributes. Using a series of questions you can narrow down what your company values are and how you want to be perceived. Once you have these keywords use them as your guidelines for creating your brand or website. If you are interested in learning more about your brand attributes, click the link below and we can help you get started.

If you have any questions, please reach out us or book a free 30min strategy call where we can talk about your business. We want to see you Thrive online.