Identifying pain points will require you to dig deep and really understand the needs of your customers. Going through the right process and asking the right questions can really help with identifying these pain points.

If you focus on the pains your customers are having, you can then create an experience around solving their problems. You can tell your story in a way that convinces them they’re in the right place and you’re the right choice. You can also provide with the right solutions and speak to them in a language that will connect with them. These insights will also help you with what messaging, visuals and content you will need to have on your website, social media, newsletters and so on.

Example: You’re a yoga studio. Your customer is a mom in their late 30’s with kids. Her pain point is that she needs to wake up early and go to class. With this insight, you now know to offer early morning classes and promote that front and center on your website and across your social media channels.

To start, ask the right questions. What does my customer like? What problems are they having and how i can solve them? What are their days like? Do they have a stressful job? Are they active? Are they social? Where do they hang out? It’s really up to you to ask the right questions to dig deep and find those pain points

The best approach: Create an avatar that represents your audience. It will allow you to hone in on who they are, their needs and their pain points. If you’re not sure what an avatar is, download our Formula on how your business can Thrive Online. It contains a section on avatars. Click on the link below.

If you have any questions, please reach out us, because we want to see you Thrive!

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