Bloom Beauty


Bloom Beauty is Toronto’s first full service clean beauty space. They curate and sell what they believe are the best clean beauty products, and offer exclusive products from around the world. At Bloom Beauty, they put the work into selecting only the best clean beauty products so you don’t have to.


When we first met with Pam from Bloom Beauty, it was very easy to see that she was not happy with her online presence, specifically her website. She felt that she was lacking in her brand awareness and was not connecting well with her audience.

The Website did not do a good job explaining clean beauty and why you should be using these products and her services.


We established Bloom Beauty as a clean beauty expert, showcasing Pam’s story and her amazing portfolio of work.

We improved the website by creating clear concise messaging and content that focuses on what clean beauty is, why it’s important and why people should be going this route.

After getting a virtual tour of her studio we decided the best way to improve her brand awareness was to use large photos of client work, the space, and bring in other branding elements from the studio into the website. Through this we created a seamless brand experience.

We also implemented a new user experience for the online store and services. Creating new access points from the menu and homepage allowing the user to easily find what they are looking for.

A gallery and blog was added to give her audience inside looks behind the Bloom Beauty brand.


The final product is a beautiful website that emphasizes what Bloom Beauty stands for and offers. Pam’s Story is integrated through the site and her audience can now get a sense of who is behind the brand.

Customers can now learn about what clean beauty is all about and they can shop easier with updated collections and improved product pages.

Note: Bloom Beauty has now been rebranded as The Philocalist. The website remains the same but the logo and colors have been updated.

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