Chocolate De Kat


Chocolat De Kat makes uncommonly beautiful and delicious chocolates using the best ingredients, the highest standards, and beautiful packaging.


Chocolat De Kat ‘s main problem she was trying to solve was growing her e-commerce business. Her current website was outdated and did not provide her customers with an experience that aligned with where her brand was going. It was also difficult for customers to go through the online shopping experience. Leaving them feeling frustrated, resulting in a loss of sales.


The strategy was to create a new website that brought the shopping experience of her shop to her website. Allowing the user to choose and customize the chocloates that went into each box (this was a big insight we learned in discovery, a feature that none of competitors are doing).

We focused on creating clear and simple messaging that told her customers how the product could be used as gifts and that her chocolates taste even better then they look! Complimenting the copy was beautiful photos of her packaging and her chocolates. Getting the customer really excited about what they are about to order.

Kata is an entrepreneur running a growing business, so we wanted to ensure that she connected with her audience. To do this we created an about page that told her story and added some photos of Kata in her element.


The nal results are, her customers are now raving about the website and her chocolates. They can now easily select the box size, then customize each box with the chocolates of their choice , then go right to check out, all in a seamless online shopping experience.

Kata now has a website that aligns with her branding and can support her growing business. She can now simply add new promotions, products and even change the website copy and photos herself.

> Kata is getting tons of feedback on how awesome the website is. “The website is visually stunning!” > People can customize boxes,” it’s the next best thing to being in the shop.”

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