Eddie Jude


Eddie provides con ict prevention, management + resolution trainings, mediation & coaching for groups, teams & leaders committed to community & global change.


Eddie needed to create a brand and a better website to help her expand her business. She wanted to be heavily recognizable for the work she does. Becoming a ‘go to’ for con ict management and resolution services.


We took Eddie through our discovery process, creating a new brand and website that was specifically for her target audience. We helped her create copy that spoke to the problems her clients were having. We optimized the site for specific keywords to help users find her site in multiple locations and we created a mini sales funnel to help her generate more leads.


There are many positive results in this project. The final website has given Eddie more confidence in herself, because the website makes more people want to refer new clients to her. She now has a better understanding of who her customers are and how to provide solutions to their problems. We clarified and simplified her brand messaging to be specific to her target audience. The new site has made it very clear what she does and who she works with. Her mailing list has grown significantly by adding a free toolkit. It’s now easy for her clients to know what she does, and this has increased traffic to her website and has increased leads.

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