Review My Room


Review my room helps hotel owners get more positive reviews, raise their ranking and improve their online reputation. With their hotel reputation management services, hotel’s can positively impact it’s online reviews by better understanding their guests and giving you the feedback required to make improvements that drive revenue.


When Nadia came to us her online presence was not really answering any of her client’s questions and she was struggling with getting her clients to understand what her business offered. She wanted to start capturing more leads through the website and nothing about her website was on brand, which was confusing for her customers.


Thrive created a website that targets the main audience of hotel owners. We used case studies, statistics and success stories to help build trust and credibility. All the copy was designed to answer the customers’ problems, all while driving the user to book a demo. A lead magnet was also created to capture additional leads.


The final website is now making it easier for Review My Room to explain to her clients what she does. Instead of having to hop on a call with them she can now direct them to her website. Once on the website the user is now being funneled to book a demo, moving them one step closer in the customer’s journey. This has led to more clients for Review My Room.

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