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Belle Donne Spices


Belle Donne Spices is a family run business that sources and produces the finest spices, herbs, extracts and legumes. Belle Donne Spices brings their spices in from around the world and they manufacture 80% of their blends in Canada. They work mostly with independent grocery, butcher shops, supermarkets and specialized stores.


Belle Donne Spices has been in business for over 10 years. They had an existing website and were on social media, but they were not happy with their online presence.

The website was not doing their business justice. It wasn’t representing their brand, it didn’t show the full product line, or provide much value to their customers.

BDS was also struggling to keep up with the number of calls and customer inquiries they were getting.


The strategy we created for BDS was focused on brand awareness. Telling the story behind the business, creating a user-friendly website that is easy to view the full product line, and easy to find answers to questions about the business.

We gave the website a new fresher design, making it more appealing to their audience. Putting the focus on the products and making sure they stand out. Also using brand-specific graphics and illustrations that tied everything together.

We also wanted to provide valuable content the audience will gain something from. Using blog posts to educate users about why BDS spices are the best choice, learning how to use BDS products in recipes, and providing cooking tips.

The last piece was to add a store locator feature that would be easy to find out where to get the BDS products.


The final result is a beautiful responsive website, that really shows off their brand and tells the Belle Donne Spices story.

The website now gives the audience a better user experience making it easy to view all the products.

Users can now visit a blog with valuable content and visit their about page for more information about who they are as a company.

Customer feedback has been very positive. They are finding the site easy to use, they are enjoy the monthly blog posts and they like the FAQ section that answers lots of their common questions.

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