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Ergogencis Nutrition


Ergogenics Nutrition provides plant-based sports supplements to help you perform better, recover quicker, and boost immunity. Using unique plant-based formula blends with high-quality ingredients for all products. Based in Vancouver BC, Ergogenics’ goal is to take your performance to the next level.


Ergogenics Nutrition’s main problem was online sales growth. They were on their 4th version of the website and only 10% of sales were coming from online.

We took Ergogencis through our discovery process and learned a lot about their customers. We quickly realized that their current website was not telling the right story or selling the products in the right way.


We crafted a strategy that would be based around educating the user about Plant-Based nutrition and the benefits Ergogenics products have. In combination with strong messaging and visuals that will help promote the premium product line to the target audience.

Making the benefits of using the products a priority on the website allows the customers to feel confident that they are in the right place and these products are for them.

We utilized a user experience where purchasing a product was no more than 3 clicks away. Making it easy from anywhere on the website to make a purchase. Multiple user call to action buttons to bring consumers to the shop page, funneling all users back to the products.


In the end, Ergogenics ended up with a huge upgrade to their online presence. It now gives the audience a better user experience and more direct information about how the products can help the customer on their health journey.

Customer feedback has been positive. People find the look exciting and fresh. Speaking to what they look for in a brand.

Resulting in sales going up 2 times since the relaunch of the website.

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