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Kaha Nutrition, is a Vancouver based sports supplement company. This brand was created because they believe the power of good clean nutrition can help you live a healthy and vibrant life. They create shakes, meal replacement powders, and more. All made from hand with selected ingredients for maximum nutrition and delicious taste.


Kaha’s main problem was converting its users into customers on the website. When we first met with Kaha their site was not doing a good job of telling the Kaha story or educating their users on why this product was for them.


After researching Kaha’s audience we learned that they were looking for healthy, clean products, with as little ingredients as possible.

Our strategy was to showcase the benefits of the Kaha product line, making this the focus of the home page. We used clear, simple messaging and vibrant imagery that would speak to the audience and educate them about Kaha. We made it very easy for the user to see what ingredients are used and that Kaha products are clean, healthy and will deliver results.

Once we formed a connection with the user, we made sure that all call to action buttons took the user directly to the shop page. This ensures the customer is always brought back to Kaha’s product pages.


The new website was a huge upgrade. It now gives the user a clear message on what the brand is all about and how Kaha products can help the customer get the results they are looking for.

As a result, sales have gone up almost 2 times and the customer feedback has been extremely positive.

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