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Nikki Hessami


Nikki Hessami is a real estate wealth strategist. located in Toronto, Nikki works with investors from around the world, offering specialist industry knowledge and access to the city’s premier pre construction and resale real estate investment opportunities. Helping you find financial security.


Nikki was really dependent on her brokerage for her leads and marketing. As a real estate representative there is lots of competition and she was aware how important it is to stand out from the competition and create a brand of her own.


Our strategy was based on creating a personal brand that will attract her ideal customers and represent her values. After going through discovery we learned a lot of about her customers’ needs and pain points.

Using stylescapes we were able to narrow down the visual design direction, focusing on creating a trustworthy, con dent sophisticated brand.

In part of the web design, we used large cut out photos of Nikki to really help show off her personality and help build her personal brand.

We established Nikki as a real estate wealth strategist, investment expert and pre construction condo specialist. Providing a blog and content that provides a ton of value to her audience.


The end result was a brand with a high end sophisticated feel that emphasizes her as a con dant, caring, industry expert. Providing an online experience that really speaks to Nikki’s target audience.

Nikki now has a brand and website that is helping her grow her business. Her audience can learn more about her and the value she brings while working with her.

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