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Sagrada is a unique enterprise that seamlessly integrates the spirit of nature with a profound respect for land, culture, and traditional wisdom. They specialize in offering premium products that are a testament to their dedication to authenticity, quality, and a holistic experience.


As a new business, Sagrada needed comprehensive branding and product design that would encapsulate their core ethos of blending nature’s spirit with respect for cultural heritage. They required a brand identity that would reflect their commitment to creating sacred, clean, and simple designs, while emphasizing their international collaboration with artists, craftspeople, and healers.


Our strategy was to weave a narrative that honored Sagrada’s values and vision. This involved developing a brand and product design that not only showcased the premium quality of their offerings but also highlighted their dedication to an authentic and holistic experience. The branding was crafted to resonate with the sacredness of their products, infused with the essence of international artistic collaboration.


The outcome for Sagrada was a distinct and resonant brand identity, aligning perfectly with their vision. The branding and product design have successfully conveyed the uniqueness of their offerings, emphasizing the premium and sacred nature of their products.

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