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Vivien Wong


Vivian Wong is an award winning, Toronto based, real estate agent. Vivan works with first time home buyers to seasoned investors. Vivien is known for her methodical approach and honest insights into the real estate market.


After meeting Vivian, we got a good idea that she was looking to build her online presence. Her biggest problem was she needed to separate from the competition and recognized that having a strong website is one way to do that.


Our strategy was to extend her brand throughout the website, but including photos of her combined with photos of the properties and neighborhoods she works in. We used specific messaging and integrated her story, experience into the copy any chance we could. We wanted to really showcase Vivien and everything she brings to the table.

We identified that she has a few groups of clients, so we created content for each group. Pushing all users to one coming goal of booking a consultation with Vivien.

The website featured her sold properties, success stories, neighbourhood insights and a blog.


The final website showcases her personality, expertise and the value she brings. She can now keep her customers updated with her sold properties.

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