Having a website is great, but only if you use it to its full potential..

We see so many websites that are basically just a information and contact tool, with no real thought into how the website can actually benefit your business.

Setting the right goals will help you create the right content, design, and user experience. Creating a website that can be a big part of your overall business success.

It’s like this: you can have a website with your logo and company information and services, information about your team, a cute little photo of someone’s dog, a blog and a contact form, which is all great to have, but what’s going to make your website really thrive is designing it around specific goals, that will help convert users into customers, and in some cases, simply move them to the next step in their customer journey.

Example: One of our clients was putting on a retreat and their goal was to show the essence and feeling of the event through the website, with the intention of increasing ticket sales from the previous year and selling out the retreat.

With this goal in mind, we designed the website with a specific flow that used storytelling to really describe the appeal of the retreat. By using specific positive testimonials, bright, bold, energetic colors, messaging that explained all the benefits a person would get out of the retreat and visuals that showed the vibe and what it would look like if you attended, we were really able to connect with the audience and in return ticket sales more than doubled from the previous year and the retreat was sold out!

The best approach: Do a goals exercise where you list your top 3 website goals and 2 ways you are going to accomplish each of these goals through your website. This will help you create the right user experience for your website, and take you in the right direction when it comes to creating your web content. If you need help, download our Formula on how your business can Thrive Online. It contains a section on goals. Click on the link below.

If you have any questions, please reach out us, because we want to see you Thrive!

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