At the beginning of any project we do, we always start with a discovery process. In most cases Thrive’s customers are pretty good at knowing what they want, but knowing what they want and creating something that works for them can be two different things. The point of our discovery sessions is to go through a series of interviews to figure what to do and what not to do. They also help to really understand your business, your competitors, your customers and what the best route to success is. We want to get the key insights that are really going to make you Thrive!

Example: Working with a food supplier company we discovered that their customers were very busy chefs and that the website was really for the reps of the compnay. They were the ones who needed a tool to take orders when dealing with their clients. This insight led us to create an easy to use ordering system that was optimized for an ipad that the reps would carry with them.

The best approach: Go through a facilitated discovery session and learn about your business. Take time to ask the right questions and research what’s been working and not working for your competitors, learn about your customers and figure how to connect with them. In the end you end up with a solid game plan to thrive online.

If you are interested in going through Thrive’s discovery sessions, click the link below.

If you have any questions please reach out to us, because we want to see you Thrive!

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